Our Story

In August of 2016 we launched our invention, Fidget Cube, on Kickstarter.

This was not our first product. But it was the first to see overnight success - bringing hundreds of thousands of backers, comments, and emails into our laps in a matter of days.



In the weeks and months following the launch of Fidget Cube, we discovered firsthand just how challenging it was to effectively and rapidly scale our business. We had to partner with a huge amount of platforms and services, which we trusted to handle our logistics, manufacturing, sales, and customer service. 

Going from a two-person team that (proudly) wore all the hats to a stressed out duo getting 3-4 customer emails a minute, we concluded that we could no longer handle it all while still focusing on developing, manufacturing, and delivering our product.



As we struggled to keep up with the day-to-day demands of communicating with our customers (see just one example of the workload we had below during our Kickstarter campaign), the HoneyBrandger concept was born. 



We’ve been there. Let us help.

You do what you do best, we’ve got your customer service handled.