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You focus on what you do best. We've got the rest covered.

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How HoneyBrandger works

1. You choose your plan.

No contracts. Just a flat monthly rate. / We're confident that once you bring us on board, you'll fall in love with HoneyBrandger. But if it's not a great fit, you can cancel any time. No hard feelings.

Monthly or Annual plans. / Looking for us to join your team short-term? No problem. Want us to be a more long-term part of your strategy? We can do that, too (and offer a discount in the process).


2. We learn your brand.

Getting to know you. / By completing a simple onboarding form, you'll be able to tell us everything we need to know about your company and product(s). From that, we'll create a brand profile.

Support (in your brand's voice). / Using this customized profile, our support agents will communicate with your customers using your voice - whether that's formal, playful, or somewhere in between.


3. You sit back.

Let us do our thing. / We monitor all incoming support tickets and resolve them accurately and in super-fast, customer-wowing fashion (within 24 hours, and typically much faster than that).

Domestic Brandgers. / Our support agents (Brandgers) are all based in the United States, and are experienced in dealing with specialized tickets, such as Kickstarter messages, comments, and overall project support.


HoneyBrandger scales with you

As your business grows, HoneyBrandger will grow right alongside you. We'll ensure you're getting the support you need along the way, and will let you know when it's time to upgrade your plan.

What's with the honey badger?

We've heard that a few times. Our choice of mascot is no coincidence. Curious? Click below.

Meet Matt + Mark

Nice to meet you! You may know us from Antsy Labs, our product design and game publishing studio behind Fidget Cube, PIXL, Storm the Gate, and other quirky inventions. Click below to read more about our journey with launching Fidget Cube in 2016 and how we wished every day we had a company like HoneyBrandger backing us up.

Meet Samantha

Our resident customer service expert, Samantha is the Lead Brandger on the HoneyBrandger team. Samantha has been with us since we launched Fidget Cube in 2016, and is an integral part of the team. She knows the ins and outs of the customer happiness industry, and is crazy good at bridging the gap between creators and their communities.

HoneyBrandger proudly supports:

"HoneyBrandger plays an integral role in each of our Kickstarter projects. Our Brandgers ensure that our Kickstarter community has their questions answered quickly and accurately."

Antsy Labs

"HoneyBrandger is the customer service arm of our team. We don't have to worry about our support inbox anymore, which allows us to spend our time focusing on our passion: product design."

Protea Lane

"There's not always enough hours in the day for us to moderate our YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook comments. HoneyBrandger takes those tasks off our to-do list so we can create content."

The Matt and Mark Show

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